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The personnel selection process is a two-way connection between the recruiter, the employer, and the applicant. By contacting City Staff, the candidate is guaranteed to receive:
Job Match: We ensure that the vacancy matches the candidate's goals. The candidate and the employer must meet expectations 100%.
Feedback: After the interview, the agency guarantees input from the company, even if you were not hired.
Confidentiality of information: The agency does not send your resume to the company without the candidate's consent.
Long-term interaction: We are interested in long-term interaction with you. Therefore, the information is stored in a general database and is constantly updated if necessary.
Free of charge: All services for applicants are provided by the "City Staff" agency free of charge
Frequently asked questions
How can I submit my resume?
You can submit your resume through our website. Go to the "Vacancies" section and select the vacancy that interests you. There you will find a form to submit your resume.
How long does the process of considering my candidacy take?
A candidate can take one to three weeks, depending on the vacancy and the number of applications.
Will I receive feedback after submitting my resume?
Yes, we guarantee that every candidate who submitted a resume will receive feedback from our team, regardless of the result.
Is my information stored for future vacancies?
Yes, we store your information in our database for future vacancies if you consent. We use this information to offer you vacancies that may interest you.
Is there an opportunity to get a consultation from your agency before submitting a resume?
Yes, we provide free consultations for candidates. You can contact us using the form on our website or by phone to discuss your goals and job requirements.